HGR IOP Drug Rehabs San Diego California Outpatient Treatment

HGR IOP Drug Rehabs San Diego program includes education, flexibility, and fun. It allows our substance abuse treatment clients to live at home while receiving treatment for their drug and alcohol addictions. Our outpatient programs provide structured treatment with less restrictions and supervisions. This gives a sense of normalcy to a person’s life.

HGR intensive outpatient program or IOP Drug Rehabs San Diego clients are able to live at home. They can continue with the responsibilities of work, family, and school. When participating in the program, we focus on helping clients find balance. Throughout the program, we stress the importance of therapy, coping skills, triggers, relapse prevention, and addiction education.

HGR Drug Rehabs also provides IOP addiction treatment with our sober livings in San Diego, California. This provides clients with a safe, drug and alcohol-free living environment with fewer restrictions than inpatient treatment. Clients are able to continue with responsibilities such as work and school while being moderately supervised.

Finding IOP intensive outpatient drug rehabs in San Diego and southern California doesn’t have to be difficult. Understanding the difference between inpatient, PHP, and IOP helps in the decision process. We explain the difference below. However, individuals must get a complete drug and alcohol use evaluation by our experienced and qualified professions on their individual level of addiction. When you inquire at Harmony Grove recovery we educate on finding the correct help, provide crisis intervention, and are a patient advocate.

IOP Drug Rehabs San Diego Intensive Outpatient Program

For clients undergoing our IOP drug rehabs San Diego rehabilitation centers, our drug and alcohol addiction treatment services are available 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday. There is a minimum required attendance of 3 days a week. Each of our outpatient treatment programs is developed to meet individual requirements and personal needs. We offer both short and long-term treatment options. Additionally, our care is court approved and certified.

Our drug rehabs San Diego substance abuse rehabilitation programs have been expanded. We now offer intensive outpatient addiction treatment to many southern California areas. when seeking drug rehabs near me on Google there are many different choices. We have experienced very high success rates with our IOP drug rehab program. Here are some of the California areas we have expanded our substance abuse treatment offerings.

The Difference Between PHP and IOP Intensive Outpatient

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) inpatient drug rehabs Sab Diego or addiction treatment programs offer a highly structured level of care. This is somewhat similar to our residential inpatient drug rehabs San Diego program. PHP offers a more intensive level of non-residential care. Clients are given the privilege of living at home or within a sober living environment. We recommend this program for those who have achieved a level of stability that is free from round-the-clock-care.

Who Should Participate In A PHP?

  • A person who has completed inpatient or residential treatment for a substance use disorder and are looking to transition into a more independent style of living.
  • A person whose needs do not rise to the level that requires the intensity of the treatment at an inpatient and residential level.

PHP treatment at our drug rehabs San Diego rehabilitation centers is a personalized experience. It’s meant to meet the strengths and goals of each client. Depending on the need of each individual, their time will be spent in various activities. Some of these activities include group, individual therapy, and family counseling.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our IOP intensive outpatient drug rehabs San Diego program is specialized. The outpatient treatm ent program offers a higher level of intensity than that of a regular IOP program. Due to its less restrictive nature, it is offered as a follow-up to a successful addiction recovery program completion or as an aftercare for those who have completed an inpatient program.

Who Should Participate In An IOP?

  • A person with good mental health who is at low risk of a relapse when they go home.
  • A person with a strong support system, stable home life with an environment free of triggers.
  • A person who is comfortable in a group setting and who have not previously participated in an IOP.

Similar to the regular outpatient program, with IOP, clients are given the freedom to live at home and still attend to the tasks of everyday life.

We also offer sober living with IOP for clients who prefer to continue treatment while living in a safe alcohol and drug-free environment with less supervision. At this level, clients are encouraged to work or attend school while maintaining accountability and structure for a smooth transition back home. Learn more about IOP intensive outpatient drug rehabs in San Diego, California.

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