San Diego Drug Detox

San Diego has reported rising cases of substance abuse among the population over the last four years. After several years of declining or mixed indicators, the use of opiates like heroin and morphine appears to be on the rise, and it shows no immediate signs of slowing down. By the end of the first half of 2013, methamphetamine usage increased with primary treatment cases rising to 2,412 admissions in January alone.

Drug detox in San Diego addresses the challenges faced by individuals who wish to stop using such drugs but are unable to manage the addiction on their own. Call our addiction specialists today at (866) 221-2688 to learn more about treatment.


Drug detox at a glance

A drug detox program in San Diego will take three main steps, which may be covered under inpatient drug rehabilitation or an outpatient program. The steps are as follows:

  1. Evaluation: For clinicians to come up with an effective drug addiction recovery plan, they first diagnose and assess the individual’s condition. The evaluation process goes beyond just identifying the dependency and level of drug use. It addresses any underlying psychological or medical conditions that may be present alongside the substance abuse.
  2. Stabilization: The stabilization stage is where the individual begins to withdraw from drugs. Some medications could be prescribed at this stage, especially if the person is involved with heavy usage. The final goal is to achieve a stabilized mind and body to open an avenue for drug addiction recovery.
  3. Long-term Drug Addiction Treatment: Many patients have opted to stop their drug use recovery program at the detox stage. However, it’s important to note that those who follow through with substance abuse treatment have a higher chance of a successful recovery from drug use. For more information on addiction treatment in San Diego, call us today.


Medication-assisted drug detox in San Diego

Some medications used during drug detoxification can help an individual cope with withdrawal symptoms. Substance abuse treatment methods will vary from one person to the next depending on the type of drug used and their personal commitment to the recovery process.

It’s estimated that about 9 percent of the San Diego population will misuse opiates in the course of their lifespan. These opiates can be heroine, morphine or pain-relieving drugs like OxyContin. If your substance use disorder originated from the use of opiates, some of the medications that may be utilized to treat withdrawal are clonidine, methadone and buprenorphine.

Methadone, in particular, is used in inpatient drug abuse treatment. Other medications like buprenorphine can be used like methadone for your long-term drug treatment plans and can significantly shorten the duration of detox. Naltrexone is another important medication used in drug abuse programs but is particularly useful after detox to prevent relapses.


Choose the right drug detox program in San Diego

It’s not always easy to find the right drug detox program in San Diego. There are numerous methods used in inpatient drug detox centers, so finding the right choice that suits your specific needs may be a challenge. The following tips will help you through your research.

First, always choose facilities that are accredited by state regulatory agencies. Every individual clinician in the drug rehabilitation center should possess appropriate licenses.

Second, remember that every facility has its own methodology for carrying out drug treatment. In most centers, drug detoxification, therapy and counseling are conducted under inpatient addiction treatment programs. However, the mode of therapies may vary, and you should choose a protocol that suits you. Certain programs offer healthy diets in addition to sessions of yoga, meditation and Pilates. You may also ask about the religious affiliations of various facilities.

Finally, it’s important to seek out a program with quality aftercare. Aftercare is an effective way of ensuring that people recovering from drug use stay off drugs long after the treatment is completed. Some facilities offer aftercare services while others will refer you to outside providers. Be sure to get that information ahead of time. For more information on drug detox programs in San Diego, speak with one of our addiction specialists at (866) 221-2688.


What to expect during drug detox

When an individual struggling with a substance use disorder enters a rehabilitation program, the initial step is detox. Drug detoxification is used by clinicians to evaluate your level of addiction and help with the withdrawal process. Not every situation will call for a detox, but for individuals who have severe substance use disorder, it is a necessary step toward a successful recovery.

If you or someone you love is suffering from drug use, you likely want to know what to expect during the detox program. Going “cold turkey” on your own may not be very helpful. By joining an inpatient drug rehabilitation center, the detox and recovery process may be made much more bearable. Start a new chapter of your life by joining a program for drug and alcohol inpatient treatment in San Diego.

Many people who use drugs exhibit signs of depression. During an inpatient drug detox program, individuals may be given antidepressants to alleviate such symptoms although it’s not a recommendation for long-term use. Desipramine and Norpramin are powerful antidepressants used to manage major withdrawal symptoms and can be prescribed during inpatient drug rehabilitation. Benzodiazepine tranquilizers are helpful for treating cocaine and methamphetamine addictions.


Drug detox therapy

Insurance companies and your budget affect the available options for addiction treatment therapy. Therapists will work with you to come up with a treatment plan that suits your needs within your budgetary limits.

An inpatient drug rehab program may offer therapies in specialized centers or hospitals, although lower-risk users may benefit from outpatient detox treatments. Inpatient drug rehabilitation centers are best for those with strong compulsions or those who need assistance adjusting to life without their drug of choice.

We can help you identify the best programs and facilities for yourself or a loved one. Speak to one of our trained addiction specialists today at (866) 221-2688 to start your path to recovery.

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