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Addiction is both a mental and physical affliction that’s difficult to deal with on your own. Quitting, relapsing and using more drugs might be a pattern that cannot be broken with sheer will alone. Seeking addiction treatment in San Diego may be the solution to getting clean for good.


Understanding the problem

At times, you may not realize that you have an addiction. Substance use disorders portrayed on television are normally exaggerations of reality, leading you to believe that there is no problem to worry about. Being a functional person with an addiction is entirely possible for almost any age group.

Mothers, fathers, teens and seniors can all suffer from substance dependence. The drug of choice may have begun as a prescription for painkillers. You might have experimented with cigarettes and other legal drugs and slowly graduated to stronger substances. Leaning on any substance for daily satisfaction is the definition of dependence. You might think that the day can’t be complete without it. When the substance is on your mind for the majority of the day, it’s time to seek out addiction treatment in San Diego.

Drug treatment may seem dramatic for your personal situation, but depending on any substance can be hazardous. You might skip work or school for one day with the substance. The one day turns into a week of missed responsibilities. At this point, real consequences set in that can affect your entire career.

Call one of our addiction specialists today at (866) 221-2688 to learn about the benefits of seeking help.


Selecting a personalized treatment plan

Addiction treatment in San Diego is possible when you admit to a problem. This admission is one of the hardest parts of the recovery process. Say the problem out loud to your family and friends. Repeat it to yourself in the mirror. Making the issue a tangible one will give you the strength to seek out inpatient addiction treatment. Your next step should be to reach out to a reputable drug abuse program.

Your chosen inpatient substance abuse treatment needs to focus on your drug of choice.

Our addiction specialists can help you understand the options that are available. We’ll make sure you know what to expect from a drug or alcohol treatment center. You need to feel comfortable with addiction treatment in San Diego before you can commit to the process. When you have a good feeling as you speak with our addiction specialists, you’ll have a greater chance of overcoming your challenges in the near future.


Entering a drug detox program

One of the main reasons why people fall into substance dependence is the effects felt at the cellular level. Your brain actually feels a rush of good hormones, or dopamine, as you take the substance. Craving this reward is essentially dependence in its basic form. Entering drug detox is a way to interrupt this craving and reward process so that you can recover.

Almost every addiction treatment program in San Diego begins with detoxification. You’ll be set up in a comfortable room where professionals can monitor your physical and mental reactions. As the substance’s effects wear off, you’ll encounter withdrawal symptoms. Depending on your level of dependence, the symptoms can be mild to severe. The monitoring process keeps you safe on every level, but it remains a stressful period during your drug addiction recovery.

Any drug or alcohol detox program will take a few days to fully complete. Your body will be rid of the substance so that you can continue your journey toward a sober lifestyle. Substance addiction recovery professionals will let you know when you’re ready for the next step. Call us today at (866) 221-2688 to learn more about the recovery process.


The mental side of addiction

Addiction treatment in San Diego continues with psychological counseling.

Your dependence isn’t just a physical issue. There’s a mental component that must be pinpointed so that you identify the triggers in your life. Stress at work or home might cause your mind to look for escapes, such as taking an illicit drug or drinking too much alcohol. Inpatient drug rehab professionals can help you take stock of your life from a caring perspective as they create new coping mechanisms for your recovery.

You’ll learn that counseling begins with private sessions. These professionals will offer compassionate suggestions to help you move forward from any traumas or deep-seated issues.

These counselors will normally move you forward to group sessions where you can make further progress. You will work with others in your same predicament. After several weeks, the goal is that you’ll feel completely different about yourself and the world around you.


Returning to a new life

The main purpose of entering drug and alcohol inpatient treatment in San Diego is to learn how to adjust and function in the world as a sober person. Treatment professionals will let you know when it’s time to graduate from inpatient sessions. You’ll be able to go home and start a new life without substances.

There are several challenges ahead. Your loved ones should clear out any substance reminders, such as paraphernalia, so that you’re not tempted to use. Think about your neighborhood, too. Be aware of old addresses, parks and other locations that remind you of taking your drug of choice. You need to steer clear of any locations that might tempt you.

You can ask us about any local addiction treatment programs that operate in your area. If one is found, make it a goal to visit these sessions at least once a week. Ask friends to join you as part of your support system. Your sobriety will be easier to manage with help from those closest to you.

Healthy living, supportive friends and new opportunities abound when you take on drug rehabilitation with a positive attitude. Anything is possible with a sober lifestyle ahead of you.

Substance abuse in San Diego can be overcome with diligent care. Call our addiction specialists at (866) 221-2688 to get started on a new path.

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